Who is Guvrix ?

Guvrix is a leading digital resource for individuals and micro, small, medium, and large businesses. We educate and provide users with a simple method of creating structure for boring (yes, we said it out loud) but valuable governance processes and controls.

It’s our mission to help point you in the right direction to improve yourself and your business.

Our Story

Founder Oren Roelofsen spent several decades in the ‘exciting’ world of accounting and information technology, leading large manufacturing companies to meet compliance, governance, and audit requirements around operational processes and controls. While this is usually an avoidable subject at a party, it is critical to your long term success and security.

He knew there had to be a way to bring this often acronym-filled specialized field to the masses. But it couldn’t require prior subject knowledge because, quite frankly, most people shouldn’t waste precious time delving into these subjects. It had to be vendor neutral to maintain integrity. And it couldn’t be just theory or broad ideas. It needed to be simple, practical, and actionable.

Born was Guvrix. A simple questionnaire for each topic that steps you through the important ideas and provides solutions when finished. We give you for free what typically only large companies can afford. A simple path and plan for enhancing your operations, reducing risk, and being compliant.

We assume most people are too busy with their business or life in general to give much thought to these subjects. So it truly is a pleasure to know that we can assist you in making life a little more efficient and easier.