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Outsourcing Labor

Focus should be on what differentiates your business from others. Your strength is where a difference is made, not in performing non-core work that many others can accomplish. Whether someone else does the task, job, service, or operation locally, on premise, offshore, or nearshore, proper controls will help ensure a successful outsourcing relationship.

First 100 Days for Leaders

Many leaders/managers are promoted or hired into a new role and expected to establish themselves immediately. This is rarely realistic. But when a company follows a structured approach during the first 100 days and provides guidance for each person moving into a leadership position, stress is reduced and productivity leaps. Most important, the chances of retaining a new leader are greatly increased.

Workplace Democracy

The task of attracting and keeping talented employees is becoming more difficult as it becomes easier to move between companies. Workers are looking for something more meaningful. Focusing on employee participation, or participative management, provides strong motivation to employees. By giving employees more input into decision making, a company becomes more attractive, and an employee sees more opportunities for personal and professional growth. The openness of workplace democracy builds trust and dedication, leading to increased performance.

Organizational Change Management

Change is a given and a requirement for long-term success for any business. Therefore you must constantly be prepared to change your organization, but even more important, that the organization is always accepting of and willing to change. Develop a governance program to enable unceasing organizational change management. Implement key change processes that keep you organization focused on looking forward to new opportunities and continuous improvement.